Über mich

Philipp Messinger

Philipp Messinger is a 31 years old photographer, born in Berlin. By his profession a media designer, he works together with his father at MessingerDesign. He always has been attracted by photography but – in the beginning – he had only his mobile for it. His job-related interest went through his father (graphic designer) in the direction of media design – so he started editing photos taken with his mobile and could combine his passion with career aspirations. His first project, done with a DSLR, was about Lego figures and was taken with the cam of his father. From this day on it was clear – he needed a camera.

In 2009 he bought his first digital DSLR camera. From his current point of view – a very simple camera – but at the moment a step into a new world. His motto was learning by doing – so he frequently drove around in his car to find new motives. He discovered long exposures, especially combined with unusual, forgotten or somehow bizarre places. He started searching for „lost places“ in his area and undertaking photo tours with friends. He was learning how to optimize images by processing and – partly incidentally – photo came to the world!

In the middle of 2010 he put his focus on photography of people. He just picked two flashes without knowing anything about light guiding and started to take photos. These photos weren’t the best but learning effect was good. After, he was reading a lot – about flashes and lights – which he counts to be useful in the end … He likes seeing work of photographer from different angles and always tries different parts of photo-work to embrace knowledge about it. Often he combines different experience to get the best result.

In April 2012 he bought a camera from Canon Pro series to progress again a little bit and started with sports photography, time lapse, video, green screen shots, event photography, studio photography … and currently he takes many macro photos – fascinated to see small things in this big size.

He still doesn´t know which way his „photographic path“ will continue …





Zeitung/Newspaper, Magazine, Blogs

  • 11/2012 | Dahme-Kurier, Artikel: Ex-Bernauer schlagen zu | Foto: Schenk, Red Dragons KW
  • 12/2012 | Line up Magazine (Auflage 15.000 Exemplare), Artikel: Interview mit Andy Mantler | Foto: Andy Mantler
  • 10/2013 | Märkische Allgemeine, Artikel: Ex-Bernauer schlagen zu | Foto: Schenk, Red Dragons KW
  • 04/2014 | Rottenplaces Magazin, Ausgabe 7, Artikel: Großbrand im Spreepark war Brandstiftung | 3 Fotos vom Brand im Spreepark
  • 09/2014 | Der Bohnsdorfer, Nr. 241 | Titelfoto: Foto vom BER, Thema Ausstellungseröffnung „Lost Places and New Life“
  • 09/2014 | Lüdenscheider Nachrichten, Artikel: Einsatz der Besonderen Art | Foto: MdB trifft THW (Guido Höffer, Matthias Heider, Petra Crone, Klaus Cordt)
  • 10/2014 | Bezirksmagazin Treptow-Köpenick 2014/2015 (Auflage 50.000 Exemplare), Seite 35 | Foto: Restaurant „Zur Glocke“
  • 02/2015 | Digitalkonfetti (Blog), Schubladendenken adé: Stop Eating Robots mit neuer EP | Foto: Band Stop Eating Robtos im verlassenen blub
  • 06/2016 | Dörferblick (Auflage 19.000 Exemplare), Seite 5, 5. Bohnsdorfer Kinder- und Familienfest am 9. Juli | Foto: Bühnenprogramm beim Fest
  • 06/2016 | Der Bohnsdorfer, Nr. 263, Titelblatt, 5. Bohnsdorfer Sommerfest | Foto: Vorführung der Freiwilligen Feuerwehr Bohnsdorf (Fettexplosion)
  • 26/10/2016 | Berliner Kurier (Auflage 80.000+ Exemplare), Seite 12, Horror-Clowns: Jetzt reden die Profis aus der Manege | Foto: Hops und Hopsi
  • 11/12/2016 | Berliner Kurier (Auflage 80.000+ Exemplare), Hops und Hopsi sind zurück! Das Comeback der Spreepark-Clowns | Foto: Hops und Hopsi
  • 01/2017 | Friedrich Zeitschrift (Auflage 25.000 Exemplare), Seite 43, Hops und Hopsi – Interaktives Kindertheater | Foto: Hops und Hopsi